Gain Control of OIG Investigations from Hotline to Case Closed

eCase® Investigations automates, tracks, and reports on the complete Inspector General investigations process from hotline complaint receipt to case closed. Workflows, rules, and reports tailored to the OIG investigative process improve efficiency, accountability, and transparency across the OIG. And, as eCase Investigations is built on the adaptive eCase Platform, investigators can easily modify their eCase Investigations solution as new requirements emerge.

Key Benefits

Unify Processes

All Inspector General investigative processes consolidated on a single, unified platform. Powerful data model links cases and uncovers complex relationships among people, places, and things

Improve Visibility

Canned and ad hoc reports provide detailed process data. Role-based dashboards summarize key performance indicators at a glance

Ensure Compliance

Pre-configured rules and workflows ensure compliance with Inspector General rules and regulations

Speed Investigations

Tailored workflows, rules, electronic forms, and reports accelerate Inspector General investigation processes

Reduce Cost

Configurable eCase Platform easily adapts to new requirements without custom coding

Increase Security

Protect sensitive information using granular, role-based permissions to case data, documents, and system features. Users only see the data relevant to them

Success Story: General Services Admin (GSA), Office of Inspector General

  • Migrated 9+ years worth of cases from 3 legacy systems into new Investigations solution based on GSA requirements
  • Configured comprehensive investigative reports module to improve reporting efficiency; reduced time to generate SAR report by 75%
  • Integrated time tracking, inventory management, training, and integrity briefings for more efficient tracking and planning

Success Story: Department of Labor, Office of Inspector General

  • Unified Investigative Solution: Consolidation of 4 legacy, stove-piped systems and numerous manual processes
  • New Investigative Management Information System (NIMIS) currently in UAT – less than 9 months
  • Hosted in AINS FedRAMP Cloud – eliminating IT infrastructure & maintenance burden
  • Integrated Evidence Tracking replaced Tracker Product

A Complete OIG Investigations Solution

     Hotline Portal

         Receive tips from citizens, employees, and officials to report suspected cases of fraud or abuse. Auto populate new investigative cases with hotline complaint information.

     Investigation Processing

     Manage and track case data, records, documents, evidence, workflow, staff, activities, outcomes (including Subpoenas, Consensual Monitoring, and referrals), and more for a variety of different investigation types.

     Time Management

     Track and report on time charged to each case. Track agent time, leave, and Law Enforcement Availability Pay (LEAP).

     Inventory Management

     Manage inventory assigned to all agents utilizing three types of master inventories (accountable, expendable, technical).

Requirements Management

Track and report on compliance with training and medical requirements.

Integrity Briefings Management

Plan, conduct, and document internal and external briefings.

Report Generation

  Over 100 pre-configured reports including the SAR Fiscal Year, SAR six- month, CIGIE, CIGIE Personnel Actions, and more. Ad hoc report module enables custom reporting on investigation case data.

Give Meaning to Your Data

eCase® Investigations’ powerful data management capabilities link essential information to one or many cases, helping uncover complex relationships among people, places, and things. Built-in advanced security features ensure sensitive information is always protected using a variety of highly-flexible user, role, and information-based controls.