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Connecting FOIA process expertise with technology innovation

Across all levels of government, agencies are being asked to do more with less, while demand from citizens for greater transparency and access continues to grow.  Many agencies are at their breaking point as the need to provide timely and accurate responses in accordance with Federal and agency guidelines intersects with calls for better service delivery.  With limited resources, growing workload, and regulatory compliance mandates, how can government agencies and institutions keep pace?

For more than 15 years, AINS has been helping government agencies build next-generation FOIA programs—connecting skilled professionals and FOIA process expertise with on-going technology innovation.  From request processing and document reviews to backlog reduction strategies, AINS has assisted agencies, large and small, when they needed it most.

Leverage our deep knowledge of Freedom of Information Act laws, FOIA request lifecycle best practices, and in-depth experience with FOIAXpress® to help answer growing citizen demand and mitigate risk to your agency’s core mission.

Expertise for Every Aspect of Your FOIA Program

  • Administrative: Intake and perfection of FOIA requests, assignment of requests, and tasks
  • Processing: Communicating with the requester, managing records collection, reviewing relevant documents, and redacting and processing relevant records
  • Quality Assurance: Final pre-production review of responsive records before agency sign-off
  • Reporting: Preparation and support of the Department of Justice Annual Report and custom reporting
  • Scanning: Ingestion of responsive hard-copy documents into a usable electronic format
  • Short-term and temporary staffing to provide necessary resources for standing backlog reduction and both anticipated and unexpected FOIA request surges
  • Email: First-pass processing and de-duplication of emails and other voluminous documents
  • On-Site, Remote, Full-Time, and Part-Time staffing available

FOIA Review Team

AINS offers short-term staffing solutions consisting of small review teams to provide assistance in key trouble areas such as backlog reduction, voluminous requests, temporary staffing deficiencies, etc.

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