Optimize Your Employee and Labor Relations Processes

eCase ER/LR simplifies and streamlines your organization’s employee and labor relations processes. Built on the eCase Platform, eCase ER/LR is a secure solution that ensures consistent documentation and processing of employee requests, issues, and grievances, while applying best practices for workplace investigations.

Automate Core ER/LR Processes

Employee Misconduct

With employee conduct issue cases, managers can track different charges ranging from leave abuses to threatening behavior, as well as disciplinary actions like suspensions, counseling, and terminations. Once a case has been created, the assigned caseworker can process and investigate the case, along with performing the appropriate action and attaching reasoning documentation to the case.


eCase ER/LR tracks issues grieved, articles violated, requested remedies, and other grievance attributes. The grievance case will follow the employee’s collective bargaining agreement and allow them to choose the remediation process. At every step, the grievance case tracks all critical dates, stakeholders involved, and step outcomes along with the reasoning for the outcomes. If a grievance isn’t resolved, users can invoke arbitration and track it within the solution.

Performance Improvement Plans

Grievances can originate from Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs) with all PIP information transferred to the new case automatically.

Enhance Visibility

See the ‘big picture’ before making important HR decisions. Cases in eCase ER/LR may be linked together, allowing caseworkers and HR personnel to see the complete context of a grievance, instead of having to look at related issues in isolation.

Empower Your Employees and Unions

Open Dialogue

External web portals encourage a healthy three-way interaction between employee, union, and management.

Unify Processes

The eCase ER/LR application unifies your organization’s employee and labor relations processes, as well as your organization’s cases, on the eCase Platform.

Ensure Compliance

Pre-configured rules ensure compliance with contracts, rules, and regulations.

Track Performance

Get greater insight into your workforce with dashboards, reports, and data in real time.

eCase ER/LR Allows Organizations to:

  • Get a big picture view of the employee experience
  • Capture, collaborate, and share information
  • Enable self-service with digital access points to complete paperwork, submit documentation, and send or receive correspondence
  • Use dynamic workflows for approvals, reviews, and processing
  • Generate reports and metrics with in-depth reporting tools and dashboards

eCase ER/LR can be quickly configured to meet your agency’s needs from mirroring your processes with dynamic workflows to matching your branding. The application comes with commonly used digital government forms, reports, correspondence, and tools to get started faster. eCase ER/LR can also work independently or as part of an integrated suite of eCase HR applications, including Employee Accommodations, Telework, and Workers Compensation.