*eCase eComplaint is an EEO complaint management software solution for public and private organizations. If you are interested in submitting a personal EEOC Complaint to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, please click here.

A Complete EEO Solution

eCase eComplaint manages, tracks, and reports on every aspect of the EEO complaint lifecycle. It allows managers to easily view individual EEO complaint status, global EEO complaint status, and other key process indicators (KPI) through custom dashboards and enables end users to quickly process EEO complaints electronically through automated workflows and rules.

eCase eComplaint Features

Standardized Elements

Standardized EEO complaint screens, workflows, and data elements.

KPI Dashboards

Preconfigured EEO complaint KPI dashboards.

Complainant Portal

Allow complainants to electronically file their complaint and check status.


Mature APIs enable simple integration with existing systems to auto populate required personnel data.


Standard reports, including Form 462 and No FEAR Report.

Role-Based Control

Allows counselors, specialists, investigators, and supervisors to work on inquiries and complaints securely with role-based access control.

ADR Tracking

Tracks all ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) activities.

EEOC Hearing Tracking

Allows the specialist to track all EEOC Hearing activities.

eCase eComplaint is an enterprise-level EEO complaint management solution built on the eCase Platform to simplify and streamline your organization’s EEO complaints process. The robust eCase reporting module enables simple generation of the Form 462 annual report while the eCase rules engine ensures compliance with EEOC MD-110 and 29 CFR 1614, in addition to other EEOC reporting requirements. Along with tailored EEO complaints features and functions, eCase eComplaint leverages the robust configuration options of the eCase Platform to easily adapt to unique agency requirements without expensive custom coding. Click below to request a demo and discover how your organization can track cases from pre-complaint to case closure today.