The Difference is in the Design

eCase case management solutions recognize that many business processes are not pre-determined transactions but cases to be managed through a workflow. By centering process automation and decisions on case data, eCase solutions are better able to adapt to new requirements, manage unstructured data, and facilitate real-time decision making than traditional BPM platforms.

Why eCase? 

The eCase Platform empowers organizations to quickly develop applications and adapt their solutions to meet new challenges.

Accelerate Application Development

Utilize configuration, not coding, to build and deploy case management applications in a fraction of the time of custom development.

Reduce Operations and Maintenance Cost

Unify your case management applications on a single platform. Reduce IT overhead and simplify operations.

Embrace Change


Be ready for the future. Configurable tools allow you to adapt your eCase solutions to new requirements.

Increase ROI

eCase apps are deployed faster and cost less than custom-developed apps and other leading low code solutions.

Be Secure in the Cloud

eCase provides proven cloud solutions that offer built-in flexibility and scale, while meeting the stringent cloud requirements of the US Federal Government (FedRAMP certified).

Modernize Processes

Streamline and automate your case management processes on one platform. Gain enterprise visibility across applications.

A Low Code Approach to Building Case Management Apps

eCase software provides configurable design tools to quickly build powerful case management apps. Spend more time optimizing your processes and less time testing code.

Workflow Design

Drag-and-drop Workflow Designer creates and updates complex workflows, including flexible support for structured, ad hoc, and hybrid processes. Easily configure rules and events to govern actions such as notifications, task delegation, activities, and case steps.

Document Management

Create, store, and retrieve documents, videos, images, and audio files. Configure filing structures, control document versioning, redact documents, and more. Configure document approval workflows and record approvals with digital signature.

UI & Forms Design

Visual UI Designer makes it incredibly easy to configure personalized, elegant apps across platforms and devices. Build dynamic forms using conditional logic, rules, and actions. Orchestrate workflow steps right from the user interface.

Rules Design

The eCase Rules Designer makes it easy to perform data validations, workflow routing, task assignments, user interface formatting, case actions, and many other options to support evolving business needs.

Integration Design

Seamlessly integrate data from other apps/systems leveraging database connectivity and our catalogue of pre-built eCase integration adaptors. Build integrations into the workflow to automatically interact with outside systems.


Review and edit documents with your team in real time, communicate via eCase Chat, and configure team-based access controls to create virtual workspaces. Collaborative portals connect internal and/or external audiences to cases and allow them to interact with the case team.

Security Design

Authentication, authorization, encryption, and device management give you enterprise-class protection over your data. Role-based access controls allow administrators to lock down applications, ensuring users only have access to what they need.

Reporting & Analytics

Create standard or ad hoc reports and personal dashboards to communicate priorities, track key performance indicators, and analyze results. Create, schedule, and deliver real-time insight when you need it.

eCase Case Management Apps

Built on the eCase Platform

eCase strategic apps, software built on the low code eCase Platform, provide out-of-the-box solutions that address common business requirements and streamline processes across the enterprise. Utilizing core case management features, AINS has pre-configured, ready-built Applications that leverage best practices across a number of mission-critical processes, allowing you to speed implementation, eliminate risks, and reduce costs.

A Cloud Foundation You Can Trust

All of our eCase Strategic Apps are cloud-ready—and can be deployed either on premises in your environment or in the AINS highly-secure, FedRAMP-certified cloud platform as a service (PaaS) and software as a service (SaaS) for greater flexibility.

See why organizations of all sizes have entrusted the AINS Cloud to transform their business.

The Support to Maximize Your Investment


AINS provides a wide range of services, support, and training designed to maximize the value of your eCase investment. The AINS team and our Partner ecosystem include subject matter experts with a deep knowledge of business process optimization and management, eCase product and software configuration, and customization techniques to fit a wide range of industries and business needs.

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