Contracts Filing, Simplified

Contracts departments are increasingly asked to do more with less while continuing to comply with complicated procurement policies and regulations. Disparate document systems and processes make it difficult to retrieve contract documents and can slow the contracts process, or worse, expose organizations to risk of costly legal action during audits or discovery. Introducing: eCase Contracts.

Find What You Need, When You Need It

eCase Contracts files contract documents according to your unique contract management process and makes them instantly available to users across your organization. eCase Contracts integrates with your existing systems to automatically file documents in the right place, at the right time. Configurable electronic workflows with electronic signature ensure documents comply with approval policies and provide evidence of correct handling of contracts in case of an audit.

eCase Contracts Features

Electronic Contract Storage

Electronically store contract documents in the eCase FedRAMP Cloud. Access documents anytime, anywhere.

Document Management

File documents according to your unique file plan. Manage versions with check-in, check-out features.

Records Management

Automatically archive files according to configured retention policies.

Workflow Management

Route contract files and documents for review, comment, and/or approval with digital signature.

Document Security

Set granular role and group permissions to documents and workflows. Ensure staff only see documents they need to see.

Automatic Filing

Integrate with your current contract systems to automatically file documents as they are created.

Success Story: Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

  • Complies with the DHS Technical Reference Model and Federal Acquisition Regulation
  • Supports entire DHS procurement community of users, approximately 1,400 Contracting Officers and Specialists and 600 support personnel
  • Scalable, allowing DHS the flexibility to meet current and future requirements

Benefits of eCase Contracts

Speed Contract Filing Process

Automatically file documents in the right place, every time. Quickly find the documents you need and share them across the organization.

Increase Transparency

Understand key performance indicators (KPIs) at a glance with configurable dashboards. See what documents are in process, which have been filed, and which are outstanding.

Ensure Compliance, Reduce Risk

Ensure compliance and reduce risk with your organization or agency’s contract management process. Configure workflows, approvals, and reminders. The Audit log records every action in the system.

Get Organized

Configure eCase Contracts file structures according to your unique contracts management needs. Easily modify structures as your requirements change.

Take Control of Your Contract Files

The intuitive filing structure of eCase Contracts is designed specifically for
organizing contract documents and managing tasks through workflows to
improve accountability, reduce risk, and decrease overall turnaround time.