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AINS Events

Our events are built for best practice sharing and peer-to-peer community building. Register below for our upcoming events and access recent replays.

Upcoming Events

OPEXUS MMA Mini Summit

Following the discovery of wiped messages from the January 6th insurrection, the NARA released a mandate that text messages must be retained. The news expanding digital record keeping presents new challenges for FOIA processing, but FOIAXpress has you covered. Join this live session hosted by Ben Tingo, Chief Legal Counsel for OPEXUS.

March 8th 2023

LIVE at OPEXUS Corporate Headquarters

Low-code COTS solutions

Migrating Audit Solutions: A Closer Look at eCase

Is your organization considering moving to eCase? In this webinar, our team will dive into the migration process, from the initial stages all the way through to success. Learn from our team what you can expect with eCase Audit.

February 6, 2023

2:00pm EST

Zoom Webinar

Event Replays

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Make it Modern: Demystifying the AI Assistant

Legacy FOIA systems have been unable to keep up with the increasing complexity of requests. FOIAXpress has several modules and tools to help – but how? Join us for this session of “Make it Modern” building off of our summit discussion and breaking down what tools and tricks assist in redaction.

converting to the cloud

The AINS Starter Series: Converting to the Cloud

Listen in to the 5 common questions we come across when converting to the cloud.

federal return to work

AINS Starter Series: Why Technology Can Make or Break the Employee Experience in Today’s Hybrid Work Environment

Dive into the AINS research data on federal return to work strategies and its impact on the employee experience.

veritone redact integration with FOIAXpress

Beat the Backlog: Faster, Easier Audio and Video Redactions Embedded in Your FOIAXpress Workflow

Watch the full dive into AINS’ new partnership with Veritone’s audio and video redaction software!

AINS Annual User Conference

Sorry, registration for the Conference is closed. But keep an eye out for our session replays coming soon!

migrate away from foiaonline

How to Migrate from FOIAonline

Watch the full Q&A with experts on the migration experience from FOIAonline to FOIAXpress.