AINS Mobile Message Archiver Helps Agencies Automatically Capture and Archive SMS/MMS Messages

AINS Mobile Message Archiver Helps Agencies Automatically Capture and Archive text Messages

Written by the AINS team in partnership with IP Data Solutions

The news cycle has been filled with mentions of the potential deletion of text messages from government-issued phones related to the Jan. 6, 2021 attacks on the US Capitol.

According to the Federal Records Act of 1950, text messages, which also fall under this legislation, are considered Federal records when created or received in the course of agency business. However, these records can be subject to vulnerability in terms of both privacy and security. Should agencies have the authority to keep or delete SMS and MMS text messages?

Most US government agencies are currently looking for automated approaches to preserve this type of data. It’s no longer acceptable to manually scramble resources to retroactively retrieve SMS and MMS text messages that could be proactively captured in seconds to minutes, vs. days and weeks. And as referenced earlier, it’s the Law. Many agencies are also recognizing that automatic capture of these messages is a good idea when it comes to efficient data management. Very soon, organizations will have to deal with the growing number of more complex encrypted collaboration tools and applications (such as WhatsApp and Signal) being used on government owned devices.

The ability to automatically capture text message data saves government employees time and resources – and avoids unnecessary risk exposure – which is why AINS is proud to offer this function within FOIAXpress. This cloud-ready SaaS application can be securely accessed from the web or a mobile device through AINS’s FedRAMP, DISA Level II-certified cloud. Equally, the AINS Mobile Message Archive (MMA) module for capture of MMS and SMS text messages can also be deployed seamlessly and with the highest level of data security.

Count on AINS for secure end-to-end systems, not only for your FOIA requests through FOIAXpress, but also to manage your MMS and SMS texts. Benefits of the MMA module for FOIAXpress include:


Benefits of the MMA Module for FOIAXpress

FedRAMP Authorized Cloud Archive Meets rigorous security guidelines, protecting your stored data
No 3rd party app to download or install on devices No need to use up space on your devices
No added strain to IT infrastructure/workflow Easier integration for you and your team
Message context and meta data preservation Helps your organization store important details
Simple retention/search/disposition tools Saves time and effort managing electronic records
Archived within the AINS platform and integrated with FOIAXpress Enables improved information delivery
Ability to export search results seamlessly to eDiscovery, Records Management, and collaboration platforms Easy sharing and management of records and reports
No new configuration required of existing content collaboration platforms Works seamlessly with systems your agency already has in place
Offered through many government agencies’ existing FOIAXpress program vehicle Works well with a platform you are already familiar with using


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This article was written in partnership with IP Data Solutions, a services-led, value-added integrator of cloud solutions for file and email archival, e-discovery, and related specialties.