FOIAXpress v11.0 Now Available for Release

FOIA v11.0 is now available for the FOIAXpress product suite (FOIAXpress/PAL/Collaboration Portal).

Release/Upgrade Planning 

Although v11.0 has been made available, we realize you’ll determine when is best for your agency to upgrade. To that point, we wanted to inform you of our upcoming plans for the FOIAXpress/PAL/Collaboration Portal so you can make an informed decision.

Aside from this release which includes enhancement requests, usability improvements and bug fixes we are planning a large upcoming release, v11.0 Service Pack 1 which will be released in November 2022. So, if you’d like to wait to upgrade production to v11.0 SP1 you have that option.

 How To Get the New Release? 

If you are a customer who supports their system on premises, please send an email to via email and include “v11.0 Release Request – On Prem” in the subject line and contact information along with any special delivery requests.

If AINS hosts your applications in our data center, we’ll need to coordinate the upgrade of your test environment first and then schedule your production upgrade coordinated with the system owners. Please notify us at via email and include “v.11.0 Release Request – Hosted.”

Thank you,

AINS Product & Technology