eCase Contracts Information Guide

eCase Contracts

By: The AINS Team

  1. Overview
    Contracting Officer Representatives (CORs), and their teams have several federal requirements to ensure contracts meet commitments, provide timely deliverables, and remain properly maintained under the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR). Having a single unified system centralizes access to contract files, including situations where field decisions require quick access to limitations and agreements, such as during disaster relief. eCase Contracts helps to fulfill contract record management and offers several resources for their representatives to organize and maintain their documents. Through our comprehensive demos and workshops, COR’s, and procurement professionals alike can learn best practices on how to use our Contracts management system. If you or your agency is seeking information on eCase Contracts, please refer to this guide.
  2. Structure of the Demo
    Our demos give potential users a guided tour of the solution while also speaking to their specific use case. Throughout the session, you can expect to explore our dashboards and contract storage system, workflows for checking in/out document versions, how to archive files under configured retention policies, and how to set up automation to automatically file documents as they are created. If you are interested, please schedule a demo with our team and we will contact you to learn about your team’s needs and requirements so we can offer a session most useful to you.
  3. Benefits of eCase Contracts
    eCase Contracts is a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution built to speed contract filing, increase transparency between representatives, reduce risk, and most of all keep documentation organized and in accordance with the FAR. eCase Contracts is tailored to various roles out of the box, including COR’s, and 1102’s. Instead of Contracting professionals and CORs having separate instances or even different systems, all parties use the same system and access the same documents.
  4. Key Compliance Features
    All features within eCase Contracts are dedicated to streamlining and organizing contract operations. Contract professionals can utilize a selection of templates for letters of designation to give representatives a consistent launching point for signing, workflows, and delegation/nomination letters. eCase Contracts can also integrate with existing systems, helping to automatically file or create approval workflows to enforce a standard contract filing structure and process across all employees. Instead of a physical filing system, eCase keeps a digital record of filing and retrieval maintained within the system. Using configurable workflows with electronic signatures, users ensure documents comply with approval policies and provide evidence of correct handling of contracts in case of an audit or during annual reviews. eCase Contracts ensures compliance with key provisions in the FAR, including but not limited to:

    1. Full COR Responsibility Requirements under 501.604
    2. 1.604, 1.602-1 (authority of CO), 1.602-2 Responsibilities for Training and Certifications
  1. What Common Questions do People Raise During Demos?
    Most questions relate to a client’s filing system needs. We suggest preparing a list of questions ahead of time if your agency is attending a second session. If you have questions following your meeting, please follow up through the process designated by your agency.
  2. Recommendations
    We understand that agencies often have budgetary restrictions that may impact software requirements. Please feel free to raise these restrictions during the demo, and our team will do our best to address them. We strongly recommend that agencies limit the number of attendees per demo to a maximum of 20. This allows us to better serve individuals and answer questions organically as they occur. Additionally, identify your agency’s point of contact so that we may follow up if questions or problems arise.