What is eCase Contracts?

Your company has been storing contract files electronically for some time now, but are your files as organized as they can and should be? Can you find what you want when you need it?

Transitioning paper copies to electronic documents is only the beginning. An electronic contract management system can maximize the control you actually have over your company’s contract files. AINS’ eCase Contracts is a case management solution designed to give you that control by optimizing your company’s contract filing process.

The intuitive filing structure of eCase Contracts is designed specifically for organizing contract documents. And it’s web-based, giving you secure access to your contracts anytime, anywhere. A stable internet connection will allow you instant access to creating, storing, and retrieving files through document searching and filtering. Since all versions of your files can be archived for long-term reference, you can also track the history of all changes and comments that are made to your documents through eCase Contracts’ audit trail.

In addition to tracking contract files themselves, eCase Contracts helps you manage tasks through workflows to improve accountability throughout your company. For example, task reminders will notify users by email of new or overdue tasks. eCase Contracts also allows you to designate who has access to certain contracts at any time, ensuring that total security of the system remains under your control.

Other eCase Contracts capabilities include editing, reviewing, archiving, redacting, approving, and even digitally signing documents. By handling tasks through workflows, your company will both reduce risk as well as decrease overall turnaround time. Tasks that normally take days to accomplish can now be completed within hours.

Reduce risk and improve accountability. Take control of your contract files with eCase Contracts.