Cloud Security Basics

In the post-Snowden, post-leaked celebrity photo world of today, it can be hard to place 100% faith in cloud storage. According to a recent ResearchNow survey, 82% of companies said privacy laws are a top concern when choosing where and how to store data. Despite the security concerns, cloud computing is growing quickly as an integral part of small and large business operations. According to GigaOm Research, global cloud market is predicted to grow more than 126% in the next year. To assuage your fears, we’ve compiled a list of the main security features most cloud hosting services offer.

  1. Deterrent Controls – Much like a “Do Not Enter” sign in real life, deterrent controls are a soft security measure that informs potential attackers that there will be consequences to any intrusive actions. Companies often integrate clients’ identity management systems with their own to ensure user controls. Other preventative controls include physical security which restricts access to servers and IT personnel security which regulates cloud management employee actions and access.
  2. Preventative Controls – Preventative controls are precautions taken to stop data invasion before it happens. Such security controls include user authentication which prevents unauthorized access to cloud systems.
  3. Detective controls – This set of cloud security alerts you to invasions or other security incidents that occur.
  4. Corrective Controls – Once detective controls signal a problem, corrective security controls go into action to limit the damage of the breech. This might include restoring system backups to rebuild a compromised system.




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