Cloud Computing Glossary

The world of cloud computing is growing fast. Many companies are now offering cloud hosting solutions, and it is up to savvy organizations to keep up with this technology. The topic of cloud services is a wide and ever-changing one, but knowing the basics can help a lot. Take a look at our cloud computing terms glossary to get the gist:

Cloud computing – Computing through large groups of remote servers, allowing centralized data storage and access to online services.

Cloud Service Brokerage – An intermediary between cloud service providers and customers. Much like any other brokerage, CSBs streamline cloud services from different providers and add value through expertise and consolidation.

Data Center – A facility that houses computer systems (aka server room)

PaaS – Platform as a service, a computing platform offered via a web-based model. Often offers computing power through a platform framework

SaaS – Software as a service, Often offers web-based software products that go hand-in-hand with PaaS offerings

IaaS – Infrastructure as a service, a cloud service model in which physical (or virtual) machines are offered. Often used to manage data storage

Private cloud – Cloud infrastructure operated for a single organization

Public cloud – Network space open for public use

Hybrid cloud – A network that hosts two or more clouds as distinct entities


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