Starting off the Fiscal Year with a Dose of Sunshine

With the start of the new fiscal year still in our shadow, it is a great time for all FOIA compliant agencies and offices to implement initiatives to increase transparency and open government. It is important to remember that the purpose of the FOIA is to provide the citizenry with information, and although the FOIA is great, it is reactionary. What is more beneficial to the public is for the FOIA complaint agencies and offices to seek means to increase proactive transparency and openness. FOIAXpress is the most robust FOIA case management and FOIA tracking system in use and it possesses many features that enable users to increase proactive release of information. Identifying which feature and technology add-ons that can not only increase your FOIA processing efficiency, but also meet transparency and open government initiatives should be a top priority of all FOIA complaint agencies and offices.