Bridging the Gap Between Cubicles and the Corner Office

Let’s face it. Most times the people making the big decisions are not the ones down in the trenches. The day-to-day maintenance and expertise falls to the power-users; to the experts. Managers and department heads are experts in their own way. They are the people who must ultimately decide how to best organize their workplace. Usually these two groups work in tandem without hiccups, but problems can arise when managers and their team fall out of sync. Here are some tips on how to bridge the gap between the corner office and the cubicles.

1) Automate for Transparency – Platforms like eCase and FOIAXpress are not only a great way to turn your workplace into a Green, paperless environment; they also allow your power-users to send reports to the management team.

2) Share Goals and Tasks – It can be easy to overlook all the things management and employees have in common. Both sides should try to understand the overarching goals of a project and the tasks needed to achieve them. Clarity of communication is your best friend when it comes to a successful workplace.

3) Get Organized – Schedule monthly or bi-monthly meetings or briefings between support staff and management. Sometimes major talking points can get lost in the shuffle of frequent emails or memos. Set aside time to communicate key events or concepts. Make and share an agenda so that everyone is aware of important timeframes.

4) Get Informed – Being organized includes sharing information between departments. Informative events like theFOIAXpress Users Group Conference are a great opportunity for management and power-users to come together to discuss the different levels of

5) Cut the Techno-Talk – The decision makers don’t always have the insider knowledge that daily users have. When bringing a suggestion or concern to your management team, keep your lingo to a minimum. Frame your concerns, opportunities, and reports in terms of how they will affect your office from a management standpoint. Will it save time? Save money? Benefit your constituents?

Building up effective employee management relations is crucial for a healthy workplace environment. When all else fails, call on your HR department for mediation and support.