AINS Presents Case Management Awards to HUD


On December 18th, AINS held a luncheon ceremony to present employees at the Department of Housing and Urban Development with their awards for winning the “Public Sector” 2013 Global Award for Excellence in Adaptive Case Management (ACM) sponsored by the Workflow Management Coalition. HUD won the award for its project involving AINS’ eCase platform.

HUD implemented the eCase platform (CTS/FMS Systems) to automate correspondence management at the office of the Executive Secretariat and to consolidate over 20 non-core human resources applications at the Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer. The use of eCase helped streamline processes and consolidate legacy systems to save money on operations and maintenance.

ACM winners were selected by a 16-person program committee comprising experts in the field of adaptive case management. Co-sponsored by WfMC and, these prestigious international awards recognize user organizations worldwide that have demonstrably excelled in implementing innovative ACM solutions in day-to-day business. HUD was the only U.S. federal agency to receive a “Public Sector” award.

AINS CEO Moe Goswami and AINS Vice President of Business Development, Andy Cohen handed out awards to leaders in the HUD departments who contributed to the success of the eCase project.

Mr. Kevin Cooke, Acting CIO, received an award for providing the enterprise vision and leadership ensuring that needed resources were provided. “Everyone [at AINS] has done a great job in supporting us and we have continued to push this solution to solve problems within the agency… We appreciate the work that has been done,” said Mr. Cooke.

Dr. Dolores Cole, Executive Secretary, was awarded for her contributions at each and every key decision affecting project direction. Her feedback and direction were critical to the achievements and outcomes of the project. Upon receiving her award, Dr. Cole remarked, “As acknowledgement, these systems have really made a difference in our work world. We’ve been losing staff and but for these systems, we’d be really up a creek while being asked to lower backlog and make reductions on correspondence times. These systems worked really well for us.”

Mrs. Newton Cole, Deputy CHCO, and Mrs. Yvette White also received an award for the contributions of their department, on behalf of Mr. Charles Butler. AINS also recognized Mrs. Edie Pembleton, former OCIO Project Manager  for the CTS/FMS systems, for her enormous role in coordinating all the pieces of this project.

Mr. Goswami closed the ceremony with a heartfelt recognition of the successful partnership between AINS and HUD to solve problems. “At AINS, we’ve been striving for the past 15 years to build these tools to leverage solutions quickly and reduce O&M costs in the long run for agencies. The scene you have here [at HUD] is excellent and it’s been a pleasure to work with your organization. We can’t ourselves be successful unless everyone works together as a team.”

You can read Workflow Management Coalition’s press release announcing the award winners here.