The Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act Training for Entry-Level FOIA/PA Professionals

AINS is pleased to announce our new FOIA Training class, The Freedom of Information and Privacy Act for Entry Level FOIA/PA Professionals, under the instruction of former Office of Information Policy (OIP) co-director Richard Huff. Mr. Huff has more than 36 years of experience working in the federal government and was a founding director of the OIP. During his 24 years with the OIP, Mr. Huff was a pioneer in the administration of the Freedom of Information Act.

The intensive three-day course on the fundamentals of the FOIA and Privacy Act is for entry-level FOIA and Privacy Act professionals and for FOIA/PA professionals who wish to refresh their FOIA/PA knowledge.

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FOIA topics include:  Privacy Act topics include: 
  • The purpose of the FOIA
  • Types of disclosure
  • Elements of a FOIA request
  • Time requirements
  • Fees
  • The Open Government Act of 2007
  • Exemptions
  • Referrals and consultations
  • Appeals
  • Litigation
  • Introduction/purpose of the PA
  • System of records
  • Disclosure of records from a system of records
  • Access to and amendments of records
  • Agency requirements
  • Agency rules
  • Civil remedies
  • Exemptions
  • Miscellaneous provisions
  • Criminal penalties